4G / 3G本地數據服務 -  $ 0.5 / MB(每日收費上限 $ 28)

* 3G Lite數據組合$ 30/10日

*全新$ 68/30日4G香港本地使用數據套餐

(首3GB 4G(7.2Mbps)其後3G(384kbps無限))

*本地通話費$ 0.1 /分鐘



*儲值卡一經啟用,會隨即扣除行政費$ 2



4G / 3G Hong Kong Data -  $ 0.5 / MB (Service Charge is capped at $ 28/day)

* 3G Lite unlimited data plan $ 30/10 days

* 4G unlimited data 30 days plan

(First 3GB 4G(7.2Mbps)and subsequently 3G (384kbps Unlimited Usage)

*Local call $ 0.1 /minute

*The simcard can be used for 180 days since activation (Top up will extend the life of the simcard)

*Top up value can be used to deduct local call fees, SMS and other service charges

*$2 dollars administration fees will be deuducted from the $80 once activated 

*Last activation date:30/06/2019

中國移動4G / 3G $80儲值卡上網卡

  • 1. Customer may check the product immediately after puchase and look for our help from our staff.
    2. No returns will be allowed after purchase.